Flowplan is a complete IoT solution

for remotely measuring water consumption

All the data that is generated is transmitted in real time and this means we get insights to all usage patterns.

We use this for several purposes – our main being to optimize water filter changes.

We know that a lot of time and money is wasted by changing the filters too late or too soon. By collecting all data we help you plan the changes, in order for you to do them at the exact right time – not too soon or too late.

Good for the business and good for the environment

Flowplan Solution

One system fits all

The flowplan solution can be used on all kinds of applications. It does not matter whether it is semi-automatic, fully automatic, fresh brewers or even dishwashers or ice machines.

The only requirement is a fixed water connection.

With our two different flowmeters, we are able to handle even the slowest flows from espresso machines to large flows from industrial washing equipment.

Flowplan Espresso