Easy installation

Plug and play

Installing the Flowplan system is quick and easy. There is no need to program or change anything to your current setup. Our flowmeter comes in two versions, and are quickly installed directly onto the existing filter, using the standard 3/8" or 3/4" threading. The electronics box Beam is easily mounted on a vertical surface using either the supplied screws or pre-applied 3M™ adhesive. Plug the flowmeter into Beam and it will automatically start connecting.

Our electronics

No hassle setup

We have chosen not to use WiFi - and that avoids the hassles of WiFi credentials and its security issues and whenever the credentials change. Since we use external networks, we have made the setup as simple as possible - just connect the flowmeter and the connection is established. And it even runs on battery, so no troubles of finding a power outlet*

Our flowmeter

Swiss quality

We only use the best quality, to make sure our measurements are correct, and to ensure that every product lives up to our standards. All our sensors are thoroughly tested, food grade and therefore we ensure you no risk of leakages or particles migrating to your water. Comes in two versions with either 0,15-5L flowrate (3/8") or 1,5-15L (3/4") flowrate.

It runs on a single battery

Up to 5 years battery life

While it may seem too good to be true, the Flowplan Beam runs up to ten years on a single battery. In order to make sure it is always running, we also monitor the battery status and will let you know if a battery change is coming up.

How to install