Calculate your potential cost savings

Water filters are an essential part of the business – and you most likely have more than one filter that is replaced frequently. But how does one know if the filters are changed on time?

Multiple factors determine how often they need to be replaced, such as whether the right type and size of filter is used and whether the estimate of the filter usage is accurate.

Did you know for instance that the capacity of a singlefilter can vary from 1000 L to 4000 L only asa result of the variety of water hardness in Denmark?


We have made a simple tool that indicates how much you potentially can save just by optimizing the water filters using the Flowplan system. The calculation is based on a 25% savings rate, but in many cases, it will be even higher (and in some cases lower).

Please, use the four sliders below and estimate your expected cost savings.

In case of any questions regarding the savings estimator or the Flowplan system, feel free to contact us using the chat down below.