Your company's very own

Complete backoffice system

You get your very own Backoffice software system. Backoffice has a complete dashboard overview with all your upcoming tasks as well as all locations on a map.
We automatically predict all maintenance tasks, e.g. upcoming filter changes, and alert you when a task is upcoming.
You get access to the full consumption data history, and we automatically calculate filter capacities based on water hardness and filter types.
Backoffice works on all platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet.

We plan it all

We don't just give you insight to your raw data. We analyze it using machine learning and AI in order to utilize it the best way possible. Our algorithms automatically detect machine types and consumption. We use the processed data as efficiently as possible. This way we can plan the ideal time for maintenance and filter changes. Besides this you can use the data for a lot of other stuff, e.g. automated deliveries of coffee

Patterns, statistics, recommendations

All the data you need

We hear it all the time. Data is becoming more and more important. We help you take action and gain knowledge from your data. We show statistics about user patterns, beverage count, machine usage etc. and visualize it in order for you to act on it. All the data we show you can be exported in order for you to show your customers, in order for them to leverage on your insights