Extremely user friendly

Backoffice software platform

Before we started developing Flowplan Backoffice, we searched the market for potential platforms that could fulfill our needs. After realizing such a platform did not exist, we started developing our own from scratch.
This means that you get access to a 100% tailored platform that functions exactly as it should. The platform is developed for you - in collaboration with you.
Backoffice provides you insights of all consumption, automatically calculates capacities, service intervals and much more.
The simple setup gives you a quick overview of the locations that need service soon, allowing you to plan your tasks optimally.
Did you know that Flowplan also informs you of flow times and coffee consumption?

All the data you could wish for

Data is becoming increasingly important and with the Flowplan solution we enable you to act based on your own data.
However, we do not settle for just giving you insights of the data. We analyse it and visualize it with our complex algorithms, giving you as much information as possible, and use it to automatically plan tasks for you to act upon.

Backoffice gives you statistics of your customers, produced drinks, machine usage and much more. In addition, you can also provide relevant platform access to your customers.

Our algorithms can detect machine types and consumption data automatically, all the way down to the type of drink and the washing program. This degree of data insights allows you to plan the optimal time for preventive maintenance or water filter change.

Do you already use a maintenance- or ERP-system?

No problem! We will happily integrate with other systems, and features could include:

• Maintenance tasks are automatically sent directly into your existing system.
• Synchronization of customers and installations between your ERP system and Flowplan Backoffice
• Flowplan automatically updates when new customers and installations are created in your ERP system
• Automatic invoicing through your ERP
• Easy access to consumption data in your ERP system

We are already integrating with several systems - should we integrate with yours?

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