Your company's very own

Complete backoffice system

We set up your own backoffice system. That means we make sure all your devices are registered on your account. We help you categorize devices on your different locations, and you get to see everything that is relevant for your business

Flowplan isn't just a filter management tool

We plan it all

We don't just give you insight to your raw data. We analyze it in order to utilize it the best way possible. That means we calculate when to change filter, recommend ideal filter size, show you insight on all your machines. We even help you plan the smartest way of changing your filters, in order to optimize your business

Patterns, statistics, recommendations

All the data you need

We hear it all the time. Data is becoming more and more important. We help you take action and gain knowledge from your data. We show statistics about user patterns, beverage count, machine usage etc. and visualize it in order for you to act on it. All the data we show you can be exported in order for you to show your customers, in order for them to leverage on your insights