“Our aim is that all service of industrial applicants and coffee machines are made based on data instead of time and guessing”

Marcus Rosholm, CEO

Om Flowplan

Flowplan came into existence in 2018 based on the idea that service and water filter change on coffee machines ought to be based on data instead of time and guessing.

Since then, milions liters of water have run through the Flowplan installations and we have adapted the solution to fit everything from ice machines to steam ovens.

Today, the Flowplan solution is the best and most universal solution on the marked for reading consumption remotely. But we are not stopping here, because every day we are doing our best to improve the solution even more, thereby giving you the best experience possible.

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Meet our team

We are an ambitious team with high aims and quality in focus.

Marcus Rosholm
E-mail: Marcus@flowplan.dk

Henrik Skov Gao-Jakobsen
E-mail: Henrik@flowplan.dk

Thomas Stilling
Sales Director
E-mail: Thomas@flowplan.dk

Jan Rosholm Sørensen
Senior advisor
E-mail: Jan@flowplan.dk

Amr El-Shinawy
Senior Backend Developer

Marwan Ahmed
Junior Frontend Developer

Ayman Abdulaziz
Senior Frontend Developer

Karl Kieler
Data Scientist

Rasmus Winther
Data Scientist

Emil Nielsen
Student Assistant, operations