Welcome to Flowplan® Insights.

Flowplan Insights is our artificial intelligence that creates major value and insight.
At this launch Insights can already turn water into coffee. Not quite like Jesus did with wine, but we can show how many cups of coffee are produced on each machine with great precision - whether it is semi- or fully automatic.
This creates many opportunities, including:
• Cup counter on the machines
• Insight into the coffee consumption
• Preventive service based on cup counter
• Insight into brew times
• Possibility to ensure the taste quality of coffee
• Increased coffee sales, through automated delivery

Insights in action, with coffee labels on each individual flow event from a semi-automatic coffee machine

Our ambitions for Insights are high, and we will continuously expand the functionality and precision. Flowplan Insights works on both fully automatic and semi-automatic (manual) coffee machines. The data is collected in the same way as previously, so it does not require any changes to existing equipment - we can even do it on old machines and old data.

Flowplan Insights gives you an overview over your water and coffee consumptions

Accumulated consumption data for an espresso machine.

The machine in question has an average flow time on espresso of 22.4s. Had the flow time been significantly lower or higher, you could inform the customer that they should adjust the grinder, to get a better taste experience.
On this machine, an espresso is based on 18g of coffee, and about 16.9kg of coffee has been used in the past week. That way, the next delivery can be based on the data and not poor estimates.

See how Insights works in the video below

(English, German and Danish subtitles available)