Reduce maintenance costs by 25% and increase customer satisfaction

Flowplan is changing the approach to maintenance of industrial appliances and coffee machines. Our complete IoT solution gives you insights into all of your machines' consumption data, automatically plans your maintenance, predicts water filter changes, and much more.

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Flowplan Insights gives you an overview over your water and coffee consumptions

Complete consumption data from all machines - regardless of type and brand.

Our artificial intelligence Flowplan® Insights provides a unique opportunity to get an even better overview of coffee consumption. Insights makes it easy to get an overview of when and which kind of coffee is brewed and most importantly if it is brewed correctly. With Insights you can see each coffee's brew time and ensure that the machines are adjusted according to the ideal recipe. This ensures that the brewed coffee tastes perfect, for the benefit of you and your customers.
All this works using the water data from Flowplan Beam and our complex algorithms in Flowplan Insights.

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What our customers say

Flowplan has customers all across Europe and we have worked closely with them over the past years to continuously optimize the product and our collaboration.
We can say a lot about our product, but what do our customers say?

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Flowplan makes sure we always know the consumption of our machines. Thereby, we can ensure the customer that we will always change filters at the right time. Ultimately this leads to a significant decrease in break-downs, and enables us to plan our customers visits much smarter.

The easy installation means that all our technicians can do the installation in only a few minutes.

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The fact that all the machines' consumption is collected in one place makes it a lot easier for me to plan the maintenance tasks across the country. Before Flowplan, customers could be calling from the other end of the country, for example about a water filter that needed to be changed immediately. Now I can avoid such difficulties while guaranteeing my customers that all of their machines are monitored continuously.

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Optimize your maintenance business with data

Our mission is to ensure that all machines always operate ideally. The most efficient and reliable approach is preventive maintenance. Increased uptime results in higher customer satisfaction and reduced service costs. Just connect the flowmeter to the water supply and plug the flowmeter into the Flowplan Beam. The Beam monitors all water consumption and sends it wirelessly to our software platform where the data is processed with our complex algorithms and visualised. This gives a quick and easy overview.

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Optimize your service with data

Optimize your business with data and reduce maintenance costs with Flowplan

Quick and easy installation

Just plug the flowmeter into the Beam and it will connect automatically - without using WiFi or mains power.

Complete Backoffice system

Get an easy and clear overview of all of your installations, filter changes, and other kinds of tasks with actual consumption data.

Digitalization made easy

Everybody taks about digitalization - but the existing solutions are inadequate, troublesome and expensive.

At Flowplan, we have made it easy to digitalize your existing and future machines.

Flowplan is a complete IoT solution specifically for industrial appliances and coffee machines.
Flowplan measures all water consumption, transmits and processes the data to optimize your preventive maintenance and water filter changes.

The installation takes a couple of minutes, does not require power supply or WiFi - and works on all types of machines - no matter age or brand.

Lack of maintenance and scale buildup = machine breakdown

With Flowplan you ensure that all water filters are changed on time and that maintenance is performed at the right time. Our software solution collects all the consumption data and uses it to plan preventive maintenance.

When a machine is maintained properly, you ensure an optimal combination of maximum uptime and fewest possible customer visits. Win-win for both the user and the maintenance provider.

Installation without concern

Our solution does not use WiFi, instead it operates on its own network. This way you don't have all the issues of getting the network keys or getting access to WiFi - not to mention safety issues or changing network keys.

As we do not depend on company WiFi, we have made the installation as simple as possible:
You only need to plug the flowmeter into the Beam and it will automatically start connecting to the Beam's own IoT network. Our electronics are powered by one single battery, with a life-span of up to 5 years - no need to worry about mains power.

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The environment comes first

The Flowplan solution can reduce driving, waste of water filters and increase the machine's lifespan. Water filters are installed on all water consuming industrial machines such as coffee machines and washing machines, and need to be replaced based on usage. The Flowplan solution continuously measures the exact consumption of every single machine and uses the collected data to plan water filter changes. This way all water filters are changed on time.

Optimal utilization of water filters reduces administration time, driving, and ensures that consumption and thereby water filter change is tightly controlled. The end user (cafés etc.) have lower expenses by reducing the yearly water filter usage and by preventing expensive machine repairs resulting from scale buildup.

At Flowplan we are proud of our Solar Impulse certificate we received in the spring of 2020. This certificate was granted to us based on our sustainable business model and on what we can offer our business partners.

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