Flowplan guides

How to install the Flowplan

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Installation without concern

We have done our absolute best to make sure the installation is as easy as possible.


Install the flowmeter

It's simple. The flowmeter comes with a 3/8" threaded connection that fits directly to all standard filters. Mount the flowmeter on the filter head

Mount it!

Mount the electronics box using tape, screws or zip ties. Ideally you want to place it in the open and as high as possible in order to get the best signal

Plug it in!

Plug the flowmeter into the electronics box. This also turns on the device, which you hear from the brief beep

Let it connect!

After the initial beep is over, the device is automatically connecting to our network. When you hear 4 short beeps, the device is connected and everything is running

That's it!

The device is now connected, and everything is as it should be. Everytime a water flow is measured, the device transmits the data and we process it

Add it in our backoffice

Finally, add the filter in the Flowplan Backoffice by entering the details and the 10-digit serial number written on the Beam