All the data you can imagine

We have made a complete software system, and you get your very own!

Your very own system

You get your own backoffice system with all your devices. We group the devices based on your customers and you can even grant them access to data about their machines

Easy overview

The Dashboard gives you a quick overview on the status of all your devices. Here you see filters that need your attention soon, your upcoming filters, and if anything seems wrong. We even place all your devices on a map

We calculate the filter capacity

Whenever you install a new filter, just pick the type of filter you have installed and where it's located, then we calculate the capacity based on the water hardness and the official data about the filter from the filter manufacturer.

No more guessing

Estimating or even guessing filter changes are a thing from the past. Based on data from the specific filter, we forecast when it's time to change it. This means that we can give you a pretty good estimate for next change a week after you installed it. And the closer you get, the more precise our estimates are

Why not change more filters in the area?

Way too often you drive to one customer one day and three days later you visit their neighbor - or even the same customer, since there is no way of predicting when the filters need change. Not any more! We group the filter changes in order to reduce driving. This way you save miles, money and reduce pollution.

All the data you can imagine

Every time a cup of coffee is produced, we transmit the data. Based on several parameters, we use machine learning to recognize the drinks and based on this we give you insights on consumption patterns and even tell you which beverages are being made. We even recognize if everything is running smoothly or something may be starting to drift