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Thousands of water filters are discarded each month

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Too many water filters are changed too early

Water filters are replaced based on loose estimates and guesses. Too late replacement of water filters causes scale buildup, that additionally causes malfunctioning and expensive machine repairs. As a result, water filters are rather changed too early.

However, too early water filter replacements have serious consequences for both climate and the budget.

The Flowplan solution ensure that no filter is changed too early or too late. The machine’ water consumption is measured, processed and accessable using tablet, computer or mobile. This gives the user an overview of the exact lifespan for each water filter.  The user can thereby schedule filter management, while considering work schedules, customer flow etc.

Flowplan is compatible with all types of water filters.

Tried of machine breakdowns and expensive repairs?

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Malfunctioning and breakdowns are often caused by scale buildup

Calcium accumulates inside coffee machines, washing machines and various other industrial machines, just like in shower heads and electric kettles etc. Unfortunately, calcium accumulations often lead to malfunctioning, and thereby, expensive machine repairs or at worst whole machine replacements.

Water filters prevents calcium accumulations, but only if they are changed in time.

With Flowplan you can ensure 

  • That all filters are replaced in time
  • Overview of all your water filters exact capacity
  • Dates for filter replacement
  • Information about the machine use
  • All data are available using mobile, tablet and computer
See how much you can save using Flowplan

Flowplan, a green solution

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Climate and sustainability have become key factors nowadays, where water saving and waste reduction are in focus.

In 2020, Flowplan received the Solar Impulse Label. This made Flowplan one of the thousand selected solutions that help protect the environment in a profitable way.

Each month, thousands of water filters are replaced in coffee machines, steam ovens, washing machines, etc. However today, water filter replacements are based on guesses. This results in waste of resources due to too early filter replacement or calcium accumulation and machine breakdown due to too late filter replacement. The latter results in expensive machine repairs or at worst whole machine replacements. Calculate savings

The Flowplan solution measures water consumption and calculates the optimal time for filter replacement while taking the hardness of water into a count. Optimized filter replacement results in significant cost savings regarding machine maintenance and filter use. Flowplan ensures optimal filter utilization while preventing calcium accumulations.

The Flowplan solution reduces ressources and water consumption by optimizing water filter replacements on industrial machines. – Flowplan